Center for

Ecumenical Studies

The Center for Ecumenical Studies is dedicated to fostering a dialogue between faith traditions and all areas of study and contemporary culture through scholarly research and publications and ongoing programs for faculty, students, and the general public. 

Certificate programs are offered through Northwind Institute.

Degree programs are offered through Northwind Seminary. 

Dr. Daniel Kroger is a
Core Faculty Member of
the Seminary and serves
as the Center Director. 


Dr. Kroger has published

a papers on Interfaith Dialog:
Balm for a Polarized Culture

and Doxology – Praise in three Dimensions.  

Dr. Kroger has assembled a
highly qualified faculty who serve as Visiting Faculty for the Seminary.

Faith In Film Festivals:

In time of a Pandemic

This inaugural course of the Center is presented in an online tutorial format which includes live ZOOM calls with Dr. Kroger.

This course can be transferred to Certificate Programs in Northwind Institute and Degree Programs in Northwind Seminary

Tuition is $300                                                      Enter Classroom >

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