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Center for

Theology &

Spiritual Formation

The Northwind Center for Theology and Spiritual Formation fosters a creative dialogue between students and faculty at the intersection of theology (study of God), psychology (study of human psyche) and community (life together)--which can be called community spirituality (according to the noted pastoral theologian and psychologist, Henri Nouwen). The intellectual and practical focus of this Center is on the dynamic process, programs, publications, research methods, and various approaches to adult spiritual formation. 


Certificate programs are offered through Northwind Institute.

Degree programs are offered through Northwind Seminary. 

Dr. Michael J. Christensen Ph.D., 
Academic Dean and

Professor of Theology

and Spiritual Formation, 

serves as the

Center Director and has

assembled a highly

qualified Visiting Faculty,


Annie Allen, MPA, M.Div.   


Rachel Christensen, MPA