Certificate of Online Learning

Online Course


Introductory Course which explores three types of

course development.


The course includes a

Course Design Project


Online Course


Introductory Course which explores Adult Learning and Video Lectures.


The course includes a

Video Lecture Project


online course


Introductory Course which explores the use of


in online courses.


The course includes a

Course Design Project


Academic Policies:



Textbooks are not included in the tuition fees for these courses.


Refund Policy:

100% Refund prior to the course start date & classroom access   

 0% Refund after the course starts or course access

Refund requests must be made within 30 days of course enrollment.


Medical Leave:

Students may request a medical leave which allows a student to return to their studies at a future date.

Enrollment Policies:


Open Enrollment:

Students are required to apply for admission to the Seminary to enroll in a course.

Course Schedule:

Students may start a course at any time.


Course Duration:

Courses may be completed in 30-90 days. After 90 days a grade of Incomplete may be filed requiring an approved extension. Courses not completed within the extension period will receive a grade of F.

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