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Romantic Theology

Charles Williams on Theology of Romantic Love


Course Description

“A romantic theologian does not mean one who is romantic about theology, but one who is theological about romance, one who considers the theological implications of those experiences which are called romantic.”

                                    —C.S. Lewis in Essays Presented to Charles Williams

Williams tried to express the main elements of his “theology of romantic love” in Outlines of Romantic Theology. He also wrote a spiritual trilogy of Romantic Theology in He Came Down From Heaven, The Descent of the Dove, and The Forgiveness of Sins.

We begin the course with a basic introduction to the life, significance, and summary thought of Charles William; and then introduce featured lecturers who will help present the content of his Romantic Theology in his philosophical foundations, supernatural fiction, and Arthurian poetry.

Topic One is a systematic understanding of the elements, themes, terms, principles, images, and outlines of Romantic Theology.


Topic Two is an exploration of the esoteric/occult world of Williams’ philosophy and metaphysics, and possible integration or reconciliation of the apparent contradictions in his beliefs and practices.


Topic Three focuses on the fiction and identifies Romantic elements and themes in his theology of romance.


Topic Four considers the Arthurian poetry of Williams and focuses on his mystical views of the Grail and Mass at the High Table.

This doctoral level course features pre-recorded video lectures and digital resources focused on Williams’s contribution to the Romantic Theology of the Oxford Inklings. It is offered as an individual tutorial (at the student’s own time, place and pace) with optional, periodic group discussions for those taking the course at the same time. As an intensive reading course of independent study, students are expected to read all the required texts and as many of the
recommended texts and resources as their research focus requires.

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Mythopoeia J.R.R. Tolkien
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Charles Williams Society
Malcomb Guite on Williams
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The Oddest Inkling
The Romantic Theology of Charles Williams
Holy Grail Communion with Richard Rohr
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