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Church Administration

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Course Description Christian leaders must be thoroughly equipped to face the challenges of leadership in the twenty- first century. This preparation includes not just theoretical understanding, but the practical application of learning. This course is built upon a biblical model of ministry derived from Ephesians 4. Following this model, the study will begin by aiding the student to discover her/his own personal spiritual gifts (the person of ministry) and to develop a theology of leadership (the power of ministry). Following a reflection upon the various roles in church ministry, the course will focus on the missional goals (the purpose of ministry), from which all the specific forms of ministry stem. The course will survey some of the foundations and strategies for administration, management, and organizational development in various Christian ministries. Topics may include: long-range planning, preparing a budget, calendar development, and program formation (The people and process of ministry). The course will culminate in planning of a real or hypothetical project in the student's own ministry setting. It is understood that the course is being taught in a cross-denominational setting. Therefore, general principles will be learned which can then be applied to each student's own denominational polity and practice.

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