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Course Description –
This is an Institute Course that is Cross-Listed with the Seminary for 3-credits.
This course will examine the theological doctrines of bibliology, Christology, soteriology, andecclesiology as they have been articulated by a variety of theological voices representing the diversityfound within the American Baptist denomination. It will culminate with the writing of amajor theological reflection paper which is intended to satisfy the requirements for those seekingordination or the recognition of their non-ABC ordination in the American Baptist Churches USA

Learning Outcomes -
This course is designed to meet the following Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, all students will have:

1. Developed an understanding of the role of scripture, tradition, reason, and experience in theformulation of theological doctrines.

2. Acquired a working knowledge of the doctrines of bibliology, Christology, soteriology, andecclesiology.

3. Developed an appreciation and respect for theological traditions outside their own.

4. Formulated and articulated their own well-founded convictions concerning the specific theologicaldoctrines covered in this course.

5. Identified how the knowledge of each theological doctrine contributes to Christlike characterdevelopment in their lives, brings about social transformation in the world, and motivates andinforms their particular ministries.


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