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Christian Futuring

a new form of Faith-Based Planning

One way to plan for the future is Strategic Planning. This business-oriented planning model determines where an organization wants to go and then maps out a plan to get there. This is the planning model of the 1980s.  Everything must be mapped out in advance, and every contingency accounted for in advance. However, church-affiliated institutions are always subject to change as God acts through us, and as new persons come into the church with different gifts and needs.          


There is a new way to plan for the future emerging as a powerful planning tool that leaves room for the Holy Spirit to act within the life of the church. It is called Christian Futuring.

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Certificate Faculty:

Robert J. Duncan Jr., D.Min
Retired United Methodist Minister 
Retired President of Bacone College
30+ years of experience serving on the Staff and Boards of national Non-Profit Organizations.



Northwind Institute has met the requirements of the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools to offer certificates of completion for theological and ministry-related courses.

Courses in the Christian Futuring Certificate Program may be transferred to Northwind Seminary's Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Contextualized or Specialized Ministry. 


Culture &


This course explores

intersection of Theology and Ministry in the Postmodern Era

Seminar Course


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the new thing

ministry &


This course explores

the new best-practices of Ministry and Non-Profit Leadership

Seminar Course


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This course provides a practical approach and experience in Christian Futuring

Seminar Course


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Intro to Graduate Studies

Postmodern Culture & Theology

neXt Ministry & Non-Profits

Christian Futuring

Capstone Research

Capstone Project

Capstone Paper