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Christian Counseling Courses


The NCCA Training Program is comprised of two Phases.


Phase I provides the foundation courses for Christian Counseling and certifies the counselor in the use of the Arno Profile System.


Phase II provides the remaining courses and includes counseling under supervision with counseling clients.

Each course includes a ZOOM Video Session with Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr recipient of the

Drs. Richard & Phyllis Arno 2009 Temperament Award

Basic Christian Counseling







Testing &








Christian Counseling



Practicum I

This is a course guides the counselor to interpret 10 APS with counseling clients under supervision, which includes:

Administration of 10 APS

Submission of 10 Case Studies

NCCA Membership & 1st Year's Dues


Upon completion of the required courses, submit the following:


Written responses to 50 ethical questions posed by NCCA’s National Licensing Board of Examiners.


$50 for the first year’s annual dues.

A signed Application for Certification/Membership form and a signed copy of NCCA’s Code of Ethics Standards.

After completing all of the requirements for Phase 1, the candidate will receive NCCA Certification as a:

           Certified Temperament Counselor
           Clinical Member (non-clergy) or Professional Clinical Member (clergy)


Pastoral Counseling







Counseling the Codependent


Counseling Practicum II

This is a course supervises the counselor with 15  counseling clients using the APS.

Supervision includes:


Administration of 15 APS

Review of 15 Case Studies



Upon completion of the required courses, submit the following:


A signed Application for NCCA License and licensing fee of $100.


This Application for License form also authorizes the NCCA to secure a national background check to verify each candidate’s history.

After successfully completing all of the requirements for Phase 2, the candidate will (assuming everything is in order) receive:


Certified Pastoral Counselor (non-degreed)
Licensed Pastoral Counselor (holds a Bachelors)
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (holds a Masters)
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor-Advanced Certified (holds a Doctorate)

Annual membership and license renewal required.

A signed affidavit verifying continuing education must be submitted annually.