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An Articulation Agreement has been developed to facilitate Graduates of the National Christian Counselors Association Training Programs to transfer their Northwind Institute Christian Counseling course credits to a Northwind Seminary degree program.

Degrees Awarded:

MCC               Master in Christian Counseling

MPC               Master in Pastoral Counseling


MCPC             Master in Clinical Pastoral Counseling


DCC               Doctor in Christian Counseling


DPC               Doctor in Pastoral Counseling


DCPC             Doctor in Clinical Pastoral Counseling


DSM               Doctor in Specialized Ministry
                       Clinical Christian Counseling
                       (Second Doctorate only)

Program Leadership


Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr. oversees the NCCA Christian Counseling program at Northwind Institute. Dr. Duncan served as a Pastoral Counselors at Pocono Medical Care and as President and Professor of Religion at Bacone College.


Dr. Duncan was the recipient of the Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno 2009 Temperament Award. He has served as a frequent speaker at the NCCA Annual Conference.

Dr. Richard Arno is a Northwind Board Member and Distinguished Senior Fellow for Counseling Ministries at Northwind.

Northwind Seminary Degree Transfers are governed by Articulation Agreements.


Articulation Agreements are arrangements between institutions that agree in advance, via Memorandum of Understanding to accept each other’s credits in the transfer of specific ministry credentials. In these cases, students may be simultaneously enrolled in multiple institutions. Each institution teaches its own curriculum and courses; there is no outsourcing involved.

Northwind Theological Seminary's Articulation Agreements are based on the standards of the Higher Learning Commission Association which is the regional accrediting body recognized by the US Department of Education that accredits colleges and universities in a 19-state region of the United States.

Northwind Theological Seminary's Articulation Agreements allow dually-enrolled students to take cross-listed courses meeting the requirements of both the National Christian Counselors Association and Northwind Theological Seminary.

Institutions may decide whether to enter into articulation arrangements with other institutions regardless of the other institution’s accredited status. However, institutions should make the public aware of all such arrangements (e.g. by listing such arrangements on the website, providing more details in program catalogs and ensuring clarity in the transcript produced as a result of such arrangements).

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