Certificate Programs


These Certificate Programs are offered by
the Center of Leadership and Specialized Ministry
led by Rev. Robert J. Duncan Jr. D.Min.

Dr. Duncan is the President of Northwind Seminary


These Certificate Programs are offered by
the Center of Theology, Spirituality & Ministry
led by Michael J. Christensen. Ph.D.

Dr. Christensen is the Academic Dean of Northwind Seminary


Intersectional Leadership is a ministry notion that provides new approaches to church leadership in our postmodern, digital, social media culture.

Dr. Rick Diamind is the Director of the Intersectional Church Program. Rick and his wife, Rev. Christina Wisdom, live in
Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he reads, draws, fishes, writes, and gets in good trouble. 


The Program for Intersectional Church Leadership is designed to equip leaders across denominations – and faiths – as they explore the many paths and opportunities in the decades ahead. What is God doing, whether in how we create and experience community, social justice, theological formation, and more – and what is the part each of us is called to play? Let’s discover, together.

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These Certificate Programs are offered by
Rev. Jerry Maynard, known as The People's Priest.

Jerry shares a unique world-view linking ministry, technology, and progressive culture.

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These Certificate  Programs are offered by
the Center of Local Church Ministry led by Rev. Steve VanOstran. D.Min. who is theExecutive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains.


This Certificate  Program is directed by Frances Correia.

Frances lives in South Africa and provides a approach that is rooted in contemplative engagement with scripture and reflection on experience & context.




This program is designed for second career Pastors and laity in leadership positions.

The program has four courses


  • Old Testament

  • New Testament

  • Church History

  • Theology



and worship



This program is designed for second career Pastors, Lay Pastors and Worship Leaders.


The program has four courses:


  • Preaching

  • Christian Worship

  • Pastoral Care

  • Spiritual Formation





This program is designed for second career Pastors, Lay Pastors and Christian Educators.


The program has four courses:


  • Missional Church

  • Christian Education

  • Church Adminstration

  • Ministerial Ethics





This program is designed for , Lay Pastors and Christian Educators.


The program has four courses:


  • Old Testament

  • New Testament

  • Christian Education

  • Spiritual Formation





This program is designed for Church Leaders with communications roles.


The program has four courses:


  • Postmodern Theology & Culture

  • Digital Communications & Ministry

  • Web-based Ministry

  • Social Media & Ministry





This program is designed for second career Pastors, Lay Visitation Teams.


The program has four courses:


  • Pastoral Care

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Ministerial Ethics

  • Practicum


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Pathway to Ministry

The Pathway to Ministry program is designed for those who are currently engaged in ministry and need to complete their Ministry degree. Northwind Insitute evaluates transfer credits, life experience, business training, military training, ministry training, and ministry experience and converts these experiences into academic credit that can be transferred to Northwind Seminary degree program.

Bachelor Degree Pathway

Students transferring the maximum 75 credits

can complete their Bachelor's Degree 

with 5 Courses in 5 Months for $5000

No SAT or ACT Requirements To Enroll

Master's Degree Pathway

Ordained Clergy can complete their
Master's Contextual Ministry Degree

with 3 Courses in 3 Months for $3000

No GRE, GMAT, or Language Requirements To Enroll

Doctoral Degree Pathway

Clergy with a Master's Degree can complete their

Doctor of Specialized Ministry Degree 

with 6 courses in 6 months for $6000

No GRE, GMAT, or Language Requirements To Enroll


Northwind offers a new style of online learning: Guided Education

When thinking about a certificate course, the common image is a professor in the front of a room, lecturing, and asking or answering questions. Sometimes facilitating peer learning in small discussion groups. This allows students to learn in a very direct way, but it is not the only way to teach. Northwind Institute courses are designed for the individual student who is taking a course anywhere (wifi available), anytime (at the student’s pace), on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone). The Pedagogy or teaching philosophy at Northwind is Guided Education. Faculty-Mentors vet resources, organize learning, and guide students in Video-Lecture Courses and Tutorial Courses.
Enrollment Policies:



Northwind Institute offers Open Enrollment. 

Course Schedule:

Students may start a course at any time.


Course Duration:

Courses may be completed in 30-90 days. After 90 days, a grade of Incomplete may be filed requiring an approved extension. Courses not completed within the extension period will receive a grade of F.

Classroom Access:
The Item number on your PayPal Receipt is the password to your classroom.


Textbooks are not included in the tuition fees for these courses.


Refund Policy:

100% Refund on the same day as course enrollment.

Refund requests must be sent via email on the same day as course enrollment to:  REQUEST REFUND


​Medical Leave:

Students may request a medical leave which allows a student to return to their studies at a future date.



Start courses at any time

Study on a schedule that fits your life.

Set aside 1 hour per day

- - or - -

One Day a week.



Learn from respected faculty with advanced degrees and experience

in their fields of study.

Get the support you need for success.



Complete your course

in as little as 30-days

or up to 90-days.