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Leadership &
Specialized Ministry

These Certificate Programs are offered by the Center of Leadership and Specialized Ministry.

Rev. Robert J. Duncan Jr. D.Min.

Dr. Duncan is the President of Northwind Seminary

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Theology, Spirituality
and Ministry

These Certificate Programs are offered by the Center of Theology, Spirituality
& Ministry.

Michael J. Christensen. Ph.D.

Dr. Christensen is the Academic Dean of Northwind Seminary

Open & Relational Theology

These Certificate Programs are offered by the Center of Open and Relational Ministry.

Thomas Jay Oord. Ph.D.


Certificate in
Faith & Writing

A one-year, practical certificate program to help faithful writers polish their skills and publish their work. 

·   Explore poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction, fantasy and myth

·   Learn the ropes of structure, outline, peer review, and publishing process

·   Write a good and faithful, as well as publishable, book or script

·   Write poetry and prose like an Oxford Inkling

·   Incorporate the art of story and mythopoetics into your writing

·   Integrate faith and writing as ministry and service


Dr. Charlie Starr


Dr. Crystal Hurd

Christin Ditchfield Lazo 2022.webp

Dr. Christin Ditchfield-Lazo


Dr. Terry Glaspey

ABC-USA Certificate Programs
Offered in Partnership with the
American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains
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These Certificate  Programs are offered by
the Center of Local Church Ministry led by Rev. Steve VanOstran. D.Min. who is theExecutive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains.

Camp & Conference Ministry
Certificate Program

NTS.Peter Newbury.jpg

This Certificate Program is led by
Peter R. Newbury. 

Peter has served as a Camp Director at Presbyterian Camps in WA, CA, MT and OK.  He is currently the Volunteer Consultant at Glacier Camp & Conference Center.

He also served as Secretary of the Presbyterian Camp and Conference Association.

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Creative Arts in Ministry



Dr. Todd Bardin

Dr. Kandace Brooks

Contemplative Photography
Arts as Contemplative Practice
Introduction to Creative Arts

Take one course or all three

Complete all three courses to earn a Certificate


Northwind offers a new style of online learning: Guided Education

When thinking about a certificate course, the common image is a professor in the front of a room, lecturing, and asking or answering questions. Sometimes facilitating peer learning in small discussion groups. This allows students to learn in a very direct way, but it is not the only way to teach. Northwind Institute courses are designed for the individual student who is taking a course anywhere (wifi available), anytime (at the student’s pace), on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone). The Pedagogy or teaching philosophy at Northwind is Guided Education. Faculty-Mentors vet resources, organize learning, and guide students in Video-Lecture Courses and Tutorial Courses.


Start courses at any time

Study on a schedule that fits your life.

Set aside 1 hour per day

- - or - -

One Day a week.



Learn from respected faculty with advanced degrees and experience

in their fields of study.

Get the support you need for success.



Complete your course

in as little as 30-days

or up to 90-days.








Enrollment Policies:



Northwind Institute offers Open Enrollment. 

Course Schedule:

Students may start a course at any time.


Course Duration:

Courses may be completed in 30-90 days.

After 90 days, a grade of Incomplete and a Request For Course Extension may be filed.

Courses not completed within the extension period will receive a grade of F.


Textbooks are not included in the tuition fees for these courses.


Refund Policy:

100% Refund on the same day as course enrollment.

Refund requests must be sent via email on the same day as course enrollment to:  REQUEST REFUND


​Medical Leave:

Students may request a medical leave which allows a student to return to their studies at a future date.

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