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Leroy Thompson

Dr. Thompson has over 20 years of experience in higher education.

He is retired from Bacone College, where he served as Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

He is currently the

Professor of Pastoral Ministry

at Northwind Seminary

and  Student Support Services Director.

$75 per session


Daniel Kroger

Dr. Kroger has over 15 years of experience working with Doctor of Ministry students at

Drew University.

He is currently a writing coach for this program.


Dr. Kroger is currently the Assistant Dean for Degree Programs at

Northwind Seminary.


$75 per session






Developmental editing is a writing support process that happens before or during the production of a final paper in a course or a manuscript. It's that is being book publishing.


Editors work with students and authors to improve their work's structure, content, and style.

This service is available to students

of Northwind Institute and

Northwind Seminary,

Authors developing an Academic Publication in Northwind Press may also use this service.

How do you start?

Use one of the

Book a Zoom Session buttons

to book a Zoom session

with one of our editors.

Each editor sets their

per session fee,

which is available for review

before booking a session.

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Sørina Higgins

Dr. Higgins is an internationally known editor, author, English teacher, writing consultant, and scholar of British modernist literature. She has taught courses in literature, creative writing, and academic writing for over two decades in a variety of settings

She has served as a writing tutor and consultant for everything from doctoral dissertations to a Jungian dream-journal,

Dr, Higgins is currently a Distinguished Lecturer for Inklings Studies  at

Northwind Seminary.

$125 per session

Learn to write like an Oxford Inkling
as taught by Northwind Faculty in Romantic Theology
Certificate Program in Faith and Writing

A one-year, practical certificate program to help faithful writers polish their skills and publish their work.


·   Explore the various genres: poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction, fantasy, myth and science fiction

·   Learn the ropes of structure, outline, multiple drafts, peer review, and publishing process
·   Write a good and faithful, as well as publishable, book or script

·   Write poetry and prose like an Oxford Inkling

·   Incorporate the art of story and mythopoetics into your writing

·   Integrate faith and writing as ministry and service

Program Description:
Designed as a one-year guided educational experience in faith-based creative writing for ministry.  Offered in one-on-one Oxford-style tutorials and small group sessions led by noted Northwind faculty who have successfully published their own works and know how to coach authors through the writing process.  

For self-identified writers who want to improve their skills, learn new skills, practice writing, and understand the changing world of publishing.


Meet The Faculty


Dr. Charlie Starr

Dr. Charlie W. Starr
(Doctor of Arts, English)
Visiting Faculty for Inklings Studies at Northwind Seminary. 


Charlie is the author of nine books, including The Faun’s Bookshelf: C. S. Lewis on Why Myth Matters, The Lion’s Country: C.S. Lewis’s Theory of the Real, and The Aurora Gambit: A Tale of Solomon Star; and is hailed as the world’s leading expert on C. S. Lewis’s handwriting.  


He teaches courses at Northwind on JRR Tolkien, Owen Barfield, Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, and co-teaches The Faithful Writer and Writing Scripts for Stage and Film. 



Dr. Crystal Hurd

Dr. Crystal Hurd 
(Ed.D., Educational Leadership)
Visiting Faculty for Inklings Studies at Northwind Seminary.  


Crystal is the Reviews Editor for Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal, author of The Leadership of C. S. Lewis: Ten Traits to Encourage Growth and Change, and contributor of “The Enduring Influence of Flora Lewis” in Women and C. S. Lewis.  


She teaches courses at Northwind on Honorary Inklings, Writing Poetry with a Purpose, and co-teaches The Faithful Writer and Writing Scripts for Stage and Film. 



Dr. Terry Glaspey

Dr. Terry Glaspey 
(Doctorate in Spiritual Formation), Associate Professor for Inklings Studies and Associate Publisher of the Seminary Press at Northwind Seminary. 


Terry has published over a dozen books, including these three: Discovering God Through the Arts, 75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know, and Not a Tame Lion: The Spiritual Legacy of C.S. Lewis.  Terry has 26 years of experience as a professional editor and noted author, won two Christianity Today Book Awards, one Gospel Coalition Book Award, and one ECPA Christian Book Award. 


He teaches Spiritual Formation and the Arts and Writing Creative Nonfiction, and co-teaches The Honorary Inklings, and The Faithful Writer at Northwind.


Certificate Program

Faith & Writing Certificate Course List

Five Core Courses 

 Course 1: The Faithful Writer with the Faculty Team Dr. Glaspey & Dr. Hurd
    Tuition  $1600.00     


 Course 2: Writing Poetry with a Purpose with Dr. Crystal Hurd

    Tuition  $  800.00     

 Course 3: Writing Science Fiction or Fantasy with Dr. Charlie Starr

    Tuition  $  800.00     

 Course 4: Writing Creative Nonfiction with Dr. Terry Glaspey

    Tuition  $  800.00     

 Course 5: Writing Scripts for Stage and Film Dr. Hurd & Dr. Starr

    Tuition  $  800.00     

Manuscript Review

I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

Writing Practicum: $3200.00


·  Seminar in Writing Methods and Collaboration

·  Seminar in Manuscript Development

·  Submission of one manuscript for critical review

People in Library
Manuscript Review

Northwind Institute has met the requirements of the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools to offer certificates of completion for theological and ministry-related courses.

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