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Transfer your credits in 2 easy steps.

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As an adult learner, you bring a lifetime of experiences and knowledge to the classroom—from work and on-the-job training, volunteering, and military service to previous academic or professional development courses and independent study. At Northwind, we value that knowledge and are committed to helping you earn credit for what you already know.

There are many types of prior learning that are accepted. Please complete a request for additional information (using the form on this page) to contact admissions with your specific questions. A sample of what may be eligible includes:

  • Previous academic work

  • Military training

  • Community Training Programs

  • Corporate Training Programs

  • Ministry Training Programs

  • Other sources of lifelong learning

Step One

begin by

completing the

transfer credit

request form

Step Two


send us your transcript, certificates,

or documentation

Transfer Credit Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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